I have performed, taught, and coached longform comedic improvisation for over five years. 

To spontaneously create a funny and coherent story, a team of improvisers must practice active listening, creative affirmation, and trust. Improv is not only one of my favorite activities, it is also a skillset that can transform individuals and small groups. 

Here is a small overview of how I approach improv. Interested in hiring me as a consultant, teacher, or coach? Get in touch here.



I have had the pleasure of improvising with some incredible teams, including Lakehouse (above), a monoscene team composed of Amy Allen, Rose Werth, Davis Tate, and Dan DeSalva. I have also been honored to share the stage with Maria Bamford, Charna Halpern, Kevin McDonald, and Emo Philips.

As an improviser I am keen on gift-giving and -receiving, repeating and heightening simple game, dynamic staging, and, admittedly, dropping big twists on a scene. 

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Teacher & Coach

I have coached a variety of teams, mostly focusing on Harold and Armando forms. I have also taught numerous improv classes and workshops, including a 6-week class on Game of the Scene. 

As a teacher and coach, I believe that new improvisers benefit from affirmation and discovery. It is easy to tell a student what is or isn't funny in a scene; more difficult and effective is the work of guiding students towards successful scenework. 



I have designed and taught improv workshops for corporations, universities, and local governments seeking to improve communication and collaboration within their organizations. Current and previous clients include UNC Chapel Hill's School of Government, the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Director's Conference, Bates College, and Duke University.

As a consultant I offer my dual training in improv and cognitive science to help workshop participants get the most out of a training session. I impart key tools like active listening and creative affirmation that are crucial not only to improv comedy, but to collaboration in any field.