Here are some of my favorite recent media appearances.


Religion News Service Article on Zara

“A Stand-up Comedian Tackles his Muslim Upbringing and The World of Uncertainty,” by Yonat Shimron.


INDY WEEK preview of Zara

“An Agnostic Comedian Threads the Needle between Islam and Christianity in Zara,” by Byron Woods.


“The State of Things” with Frank Stasio

I join WUNC’s the State of Things to discuss my new one-person show, Zara.


"Clarified butter" with Amy allen

I tell Amy about traveling in Iran, growing up with restauranteur parents, and making the perfect chocolate cake.


"Lucas knows best" with Josh lucas

I compete with the brilliant Bianca Casusol on the YouTube comedy gameshow Lucas Knows Best. (Part 2 here.)


"The State of things" with Frank Stasio

Along with Kevin Allison of the RISK! podcast, I join Frank Stasio to discuss the risks of storytelling.


USA Today

"Andrew Aghapour: Comedian, Scholar, and Lecturer"

I discuss how teaching, improv, and scholarship are intertwined. 


"Westworld the podcast" with craig carter

I join Craig to discuss religious themes in HBO's Westworld. After Season One we discussed the bicameral mind (3:48), Ford, Nietzsche, and the death of God (15:08), Dolores and Maeve as prophets (38:15), and the religion of the Hosts. 

After Season Two, I joined Craig to discuss Dolores and Bernard as prophets (5:29), free will and choice (12:03), James Delos and resurrection (18:33), Akecheta and the Ghost Nation (27:39), the concept of multiple worlds (33:34), and looking forward to season three (41:19).


"The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow"

I discuss my article about androids on the Zero Hour with RJ Eskow.